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Doodler is an online note taking platform. It is meant to simplify the electronic note taking process. Some of the most common problems when taking notes on regular text editors is the lacking capability to easily include objects such as matrices and diagrams in one's notes. One of our team members frequently uses his computer to take notes in class and we thought that it would be beneficial to many to offer a platform that would allow for a more seamless note taking experience. Our main target user would be students who takes notes digitally, but our product would be helpful for all people who takes notes, regardless of context.

Doodler provides a convenient solution to this problem. Our platform allows for ease of integration of customizable diagrams through movable and resizable canvases. Additionally, it offers an easy way to insert and edit more complicated structures such as matrices. We are particularly proud of our "Doodle Canvas", hence the name of the product.

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