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One of the first things you discover when starting university is that you’ll only get busier and busier. As engineering students who have a fully packed schedule from early morning to late afternoon (and sometimes even until evening), arranging interviews, events, or just trying to meet with group members or friends can become difficult with a fully packed day.

It is also a problem that occurs beyond university; whether you are in high school or the workplace. Everyone is busy with their part-time and/or full-time careers, along with other extra-curricular activities they have on the side. However, being busy with class is not an excuse to miss an interview, and never meeting with friends will only lead to a lonely life. A balanced schedule is ideal, but manually searching through your calendars and guess-and-checking when is the optimal meeting time becomes a hassle. is a convenient way to figure out when to hold events with a click of a button. Simply create an event, get a public URL, and invite people to the event. Potential attendees can say whether they want to attend and upload their google calendar if they’re attending. The host can then see all the attendees who have responded and click a button to see when are the times that are most convenient to hold the event. These time intervals are ranked depending on how many attendees can attend the event at each interval.

The scalability of the program is a major feature to the program. It doesn’t matter if there are only two people attending or a thousand, the process is the same. It’s highly accessible and simple to use, just make sure to have a google account and calendar.

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