At the beginning we had a discussion about the functionality and capability of the Myo armband. We used MS Paint to learn about its "roll", "pitch", and "yaw" values (x, y, z-axis). We spent some time experimenting with it by drawing on Paint, observing, and calibrating the gesture and motion detectors. We realized that the Myo armband would work well as a controller-type device. Since one of our team members had access to a Scribbler-bot from his Software Engineering course, we decided to use the Scribbler-bot for this project. Using the Myro module and Myo SDK, we were able to control the robot's speed and direction with arm movement. With our design, we needed very little practice to be able to control the robot fluently. We were very proud to have created software that lets us interact with the physical world. We also had some fun using Skype on a smartphone to see the robot's perspective from our computer.

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